New and Expecting Moms

Maybe you have struggled with anxiety and depression in the past and want to make sure you have supports in place before the arrival of your new little one.

Or maybe you have your baby but you can't enjoy them because of how tired, anxious, or overwhelmed you are feeling. All you want is to feel better and to feel like yourself again.

It can feel so hard to reach out and make the first steps to take care of yourself. What new mom has any time for self care? You deserve to feel functional and able to parent as you'd like to.  My sole objective is to get you feeling better as quickly as possible.

Please reach out and I can help you to find a way to begin to feel better. Let's chat about bringing your baby to session. For some, this can initially make it easier to come in, although you may also benefit from some time and space to yourself. We can make the decision together. 

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